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Well well, by now I hope some of you might have already recieved the SMS invite for the Xmas Eve Party that I sent out last night. For those hot chicks whom I have not had the privilege of having the phone number, please drop a comment here or send me a mail and I shall send you the invite. Now, here are some of the details of our party.

  • you must wear a hat of some sort, like a santa’s hat, tall hat, winter hat, or wig, but no caps allowed. Violators will be severely punished (see photo below)
  • try to bring some finger food to share, but don’t expect to have a full dinner here
  • if you can, bring alcohol, FA will love you for this
  • no shoes nor smoking indoor
  • bring a gift of value at around RM 10 for gift exchange
  • do not try to molest FA, you can and will die from beating by her, or her legion of fans
  • do not throw anyone or puke in the koi pond, i will kill you
  • party starts at 8pm till the last drunk person goes home

The highlight of the party will be the gift exchange. I think we’ll also give out best dresser and worst dresser award of the night. Prizes might or might not be given out. Winners will be by voting, nomination by FA and Suan, or something…

punishment for not wearing a hat
punishment if you don’t wear a hat or some sort of headgear

If you don’t know the way, consult the map as illustrated here. As always, my map is teh pwn!
map to get to KY's house

Btw, as a side event, we will spend 10 minutes celebrating my housemate Kerol’s birthday. She wants people who knows her to be giving her gifts. It’s your choice. hee-hee


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  1. Hey you’re wearing my name out.

  2. ShaolinTiger

    Gift for Carol?

    Did she break the weighing scales yet?


  3. i no get sms!!!

  4. me! me! me!

  5. girlie: please come then, makes ure you’re all prettified up.

    wingz: i don’t have your number, stupid “private number” crap.

  6. i’ve got no hat, how?….have to do ear squad??!!!

  7. btw, dun need no prettifying..hehehe…pls confirm with saint..

  8. Dabido (Teflon)

    do not try to molest FA, you can and will die from beating by her, or her legion of fans

    Just think, if I sweep her off her feet and bring her back to Perth, 1000 ship will be launched from Malaysia to try to get her back.
    It’s just like the Iliad, only more real! 😉

    I suspect the ear squats was just an excuse for you to get your clobber off KY. lol
    Wonder if they will attract more Girls to your party. 🙂

  9. wahhhh scary righttt the ear squat


    will be there after 9pm..

  10. If i do ear-squat naked, will i get the best-dressed award?

  11. keke. haf to strip one ah?
    i also no get sms leh.

  12. ärchängël

    no sms~ties got todo strip squat.. lol..

  13. kimberlycun

    lol best!

  14. michaelooi

    hahhhhhhhhh EAR SQUATSSSSS!!!!


  16. A good squat pic you have there!

  17. The earsquat’s a classic! I nearly pissed my pants laughing!

  18. hahahahaha
    i like your map!

  19. I don’t have SMS but if I crash, do I have to do ear squats too?

    If I must, can I drink first? Then only can add sound effect like Labu Labi.

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  21. hmmmmmmmmm.. no ear squats!!!! say no no no no hats =X TAK NAK!

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  23. hahahahaha
    i like your map!

  24. cuneyt,
    hehehe thanks! 😀

  25. hey guyz…i had a boring friday nite and your blog pops on my pc! Hmmmm, interesting…!
    Well, my daughter Amor is coming to visit me this xmas.. now people… get this:THIS IS OUR 1ST TIME TOGETHER this xmas after her 20th year!!! I work here in your nice country, forgot to go home and celebrate with them.
    So, are you willing to slot us in-2 pax.. i dunno how to get to your place though;-)

    Waiting to hear from you before 23rd!

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