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Hi there boys and girls, it’s that time of the year again, have you been good this year? If you haven’t sinned yet this year, you get your last chance at our Xmas eve party!

I cordially invite everyone who was in any of the previous parties held in my residence to come and join us this time, please do email/sms/call/IM to me or any of my housemates if you are coming, I am trying to guesstimate the amount of attendees. An SMS invite will be sent out and it’ll be your entrance ticket.

As for those who aren’t in my phonebook but are of the lenglui pedigree, please email me at the address listed below with your phone number and any sort of details you want to personally share with me. My email address is listed at the bottom of this post.

Since this is going to be a x’mas party, we will be having the infamous gift exchange program like we did last year. So, bring a gift of value at around RM10 to the party. The gift exchange comes with a bit of a twist, we will be drawing numbers for all participants. The person with number 1 picks the gift first and opens it, the next person gets to choose either the opened gift, granting the 1st person to re-choose a gift from the pack, or pick another unopened package from the pile. Hence, the person with the last number is generally the luckiest. We shall see. It’s going to be fun.

Bring yourself, and if you feel like chipping in a little, bring some finger food to share, and perhaps some alcohol if you want to see the likes of FA and Kim gets drunk and act silly. Do note that FA can and will start dancing when intoxicated. You’ll never know how ST, suanie, cass, and Goh act when high either.

Here are some pictures of the parties we had prior. ST also posted about the 2004 x’mas eve party, I wasn’t blogging then.

xmas party of 2004
It’s fun isn’t it? 😀

xmas party of 2004
food, booze, hot chicks dancing, what more could you ask for?

my email, spam protection and all.


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  2. kimberlycun

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I miss ky’s parties!!!!!!!!!

  3. oit …. give me invite …

  4. “hot chicks dancing”..

    I see ST pole-dancing.

    ShaolinTiger = hot chick?

  5. Me me me???

    no. ST is the pole…

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  7. I want to come, can ah? But I am not sure I’d be around for Xmas eve … *sob*

  8. bring food and beer enough for 20 ppl thanks

  9. as suanie herself qualifies for about 10 ppl in terms of beer consumption. =/

  10. Dabido (Teflon)

    Once again, I have not sinned this year, and will miss the ability to sin due to lack of swimming action to get to KL.

    Oh well, I look forward to the photos. 😉

  11. does my link on the invites page means im invited???


    i love shotglasses!!!!!!

  12. *poke* poke*

    I have sinned, and repented…i replace your mailbox…can i come destroy it again?

    wtf me invites?

  13. of course cass and terenceg both of you are invited. you guys are like seasoned ticket holders!

  14. sms everybody ka??

    damn kau a lot of money to send huh huh..

  15. hahaha. ky, the only party i attended at your place was damien + 2 others’ birthday me thinks. the chicken was the best wei. lol.

  16. Brings along 3 presents REMEMBER!!!! For my bday & xmas GIFT!!! and another one is for gift xchange…

    I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Tech Talks

    Looks like a bash dude!
    Have fun and Merry Christmas! =)

  18. aiya, xmas eve .. I confirm balik kampung. cannot make it New Year eve party ah?

  19. Dabido (Teflon)

    Completely off topic, but this article reminded me of your lock.

  20. Eh… i missed the pot-luck last time.. can i tag in this time? i promise i’ll be good this time. 😛

  21. Each of us have to bring food enough for 20 people?

  22. kimberlycun

    whoever brought the chicken pies last year please show up with the chicken pies please?

  23. i wanna see a dick on carols forehead again!

  24. ärchängël

    ky: so this time around we’ll be seeing the regular and fresh stock of meat?
    (^_^) yummy…

  25. ‘food, booze, hot chicks dancing, what more could you ask for?’

    Sounds promising. Lolz. =P

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  27. Booze is very tempting. Can I and Green Bunny come?

    We promise we won’t strip.

  28. KY, you should make it a theme party…say…..beach theme???
    I’m sure a lot of people want to see suanie in her bikini…heheheh

  29. vlad: If Green Bunny is a chick, PLEASE DO.

  30. ärchängël

    vlad: who’s that Green Bunny??? boleh makan puya?

  31. How unfortunate. The only chick resemblance Green Bunny has is his full name.

    archangel :
    Makan only you know. Bad, bad, bad angel. Now I’m scared to intro you mui mui jai.

  32. archangel: boleh “makan”.

  33. kimberlycun

    jack’s a green bunny? is it supposed to be sexual or something? weird k

  34. am i invited? i promise i will flush the toilet after use.

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  36. […] Well, before the party of the year that falls on the Xmas Eve, we decided to house a small warm-up BBQ last friday, as it was also one of my long time friend Kar Ping’s birthday. […]

  37. Enjoy your BIG night everyone, Merry Xmas 🙂

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