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Allow me to introduce you one of the bestest asam prawn in this side of Klang Valley, served by restaurant Hoowan that is just right next to the slightly more famous resturant Talipon (buffet steamboat/grill) and opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station. Some of the noobs, like ST, suan, and paul will most probably agree that the dish is indeed, the asam pwn.

Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya
asam prawn… *drool*…. yummmmm

As the restaurant is actually a Chinese “order whatever damn dish you want to go with rice” (tai chau) place, they offer a wide variety of dishes. However, as with most these types of restaurants, there isn’t any menu, so you must trust your server’s oral description on each dish. Sometimes I end up ordering the dish that I don’t understand most just for the sake of experimenting.

Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya

The best dish that the establishment offers would be the Asam Prawn, it comes in a hot claypot, much like how bak kut teh is usually served. For a two person portion, there are usually about 6-8 pretty decent size prawns. Other ingredients are brinjal (eggplant,) lady’s finger (okra,) tomato, onion, and green/red chilli. You must try it for yourself if you are the asam curry type of person. It carries the sour and spicey taste but not overly done. The prawns are usually pretty fresh and goes very well with the curry gravey and the extra ingredients.

The other dishes they serve are pretty decent too. Particulary the trademark tofu and the kang kung belacan. Then again, you too should be bolder in trying out new things. Do note that the place is semi open-air, so avoid going when raining.

Map to Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya
this is how you get there, foo!

Jalan SS 25/2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.113305, 101.605886

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    This is a dupe, I posted about this like a year ago, I want my money back!

  2. screw you, how do i know u posted? cipet. now stfu and enjoy ur brunei mcdonalds for a few more days before we have our PARTY

  3. kimberlycun

    lets order a pot for each person next time..

  4. where da partyyyyy lol

  5. me house on x’mas eve. i’ll post an “invitation” soon.

  6. what party? are we all invited?

  7. hey ..congrats on the new web… looks neat!!! … you go POND STAR!!!

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