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DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

These photos are sent by a fellow forum reader Joe on his DIY spray paint job for sports rims in white color. It was done over a weekend with the cost of around RM 20.

The items needed for this project:

  • Old newspaper
  • Two cans of white paint (Ace white glossy finish)
  • One can of clear paint (for glossy finish)
  • Sand paper
  • Masking Tape

You also need the tools for removing your wheels, which includes a jack and the wrench that came in your car. Use a few red bricks to support your car at the jacking points while the wheels are removed.

DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims
The material

DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

First, wash the wheels thoroughly and sand it to remove any greese and dirt. Rinse and let dry to provide a fresh surface for the paint to stick on.

DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

Next, mask all the area you do not wish to paint with the tape and newspaper.

DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

The wheels are ready to be painted. Spray thin and even layer on the surface of the wheel, let dry. Repeat at least 3 times. It is always better to put on more layers instead of spraying one thick layer, this will prevent the paint to be uneven or develop “tear drops” due to gravitational pull. Once done with the white paint, spray a thin layer of clear coat for the glossy finish.

DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

That’s it, wheels are ready to roll! Avoid spraying the lug nuts as the paints can go off easily when force is applied during refitting the wheels. However, you can consider some “designer” new lug nuts easily found at accessory stores.

DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

Finished product fitted on a Satria, now looks a little sexier. Thanks Joe for the photos.

Discuss : DIY Spray Paint Sports Rims

  1. Done that and it doesnt work. Aerosol acrylic paint chips off easily and brake dust are corrosive and also a neat paint remover. Remove tyres and send rims to either powder coating or polyuterene paint. RM90 for polydunnowaturethene and RM140 for powder coating.

  2. Cool beans. Much cheaper than getting it painted and oven-baked, or powder coated. And if kena scratch, can just respray yourself! Awesomus Maximus.

    1) Is your MR2 blown by a turbo?

    2) That car in the header with the US plates – was that your Dodge Stealth (aka Mitsubitshi 3000GT aka Mitsubishi GTO)? R/T?

  3. kaikon: I would think the clear coat layer would offer some protection against corrosion. Can put 2-3 layers on there just to be sure. Is brake dust really corrosive? I thought it was an inert substance. Otherwise, all the Continental cars would have their paint killed.

  4. KY: Ai! Sorry, came in through PPS, and didn’t see your previous post. YEah it’s a cool car. I drove a friend’s 3000GT Twin Turbo before. 6 freakin’ gears! Tried to race a Pontiac Firebird V8. Crazy ass!!!!!

  5. oh this is so cool. I’m saving this page so I can get master to spray paint my rims black. thanks KY!

  6. -archangel-

    he’s a Pro-Hatch member okay !

  7. I guess this will last for 5 days!! After that, you and I can imagine lah the Snake change SKIN moment ……Ha…ha…ha….
    Good for temporary…… Pain Killer PANADOL!

    KY arr!!! Prepare to BUY new ONE, cheers!!!


  8. hmm i’m not too sure about spraying rims and how long it lasts.. but i believe there are heat resistant paints out there… btw i don’t think the normal clear coat (laquer) which sells for RM 5+ is acrylic clear.. acrylic clear should provide a strong layer which is fingernail scratch proof (simple test)…. and .. last time i bought a can of acrylic clear was like RM13.90 for like a bottle that was 3/4 the size of those selling at RM5+..

    just my two cents.. i may be wrong tho

  9. Hmmz…Seems like a lot of people oppose this metohd of changing their rim’s color. Simple and cheap. But then simple and cheap sometimes means low quality. This is the only way I can think of for now. Also, instead of using newspaper, you can also stick 3×5 note cards between the rim and the tire. The part about using clear paint for glossyness was helpful. If you want to know more about using 3×5 note cards, mail me and Ill tell you more.

  10. semipro5

    how long it lasts..whos care? its easy and cheapy this way. you can do it many-many time as long that rim not brake apart..huahuahua. you think how long it lasts if you give master paintjob make it, plus big money need to pay..

  11. 6-4-09 was thinking about trying to spray my rims was checking for update how it still looks and how it last.

  12. moonbuck

    steelrage.. no need for heat resist paint. JOE use right paint enough for d’works. me myself had seen severals kedai tayar guys (big two storey premis in Klang even) spraying 17″ with those type spray can…to fulfill customer order wohh!! pearl white!! so what?? Last longer but dont zip your mouth to tell the Bangla @ car wash NOT to spray your rims with chemical of course… now that corrosives!!!

  13. moonbuck

    steelrage..the smaller clear coat spray can U mention are DPI can get from ACE stores @ Mid Valley,KL and Sunway Pyramid.. RM17++. agree with U,its better quqlity too and provides protection.

  14. moonbuck

    SEE FU.. the snake skin effect are due to poor paint skill and kind of “garrage-war” job end up thick paint and dull surface. got cracked all around after week. Me say this tru x-periances..

  15. definitely for the people who love their cars

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