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Autocross KLCC 2005, Crazy Fairlady Run

Video from Autocross KLCC, 20th November 2005. This old school Datsun Fairlady Z had made an almost decent last run, until the last 360 whereby the inadvertently spun out. Instead of continuing the run to the last bend, the Fairlady decided to make a few more donuts and hit a cone before gong out in a cheer.

It was unfortunate that I didn’t get his previous run where the car went wild on the course and spun 3-4 donuts knocking everything down and created a smoke so thick it probably caused a few spectator lung cancer. View the rest of the entry to see the video.

Discuss : Autocross Video – Funny Datsun Fairlady Z

  1. kevin kong

    hi my man,

    thanx for posting my cars run on your site…. i love the fact that ppl enjoyed my demise. hihihih i enjoyed myself lots and promiss to do way better in my next even. look out for the new and improved z-monster…oh ya i have fixed my car.. its running as good as even but better still looks like i could have won the bling bling competition… its too bad no one could look under my hood…:)

  2. haahha, will definately have to check it out at the next event.

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