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MR2 Mickey ready to go
MR2 Mickey in his track car, ready to go

I went to the inaugural Grassroot Motorsport Autocross Event at KLCC on the 20th of November, 2005, as a spectator. I got to know of this event from MR2 Mickey, who is a participant, and an MR2 enthusiast.

The organising company, Grass Racing Autosports (GRA), accepted over 90 cars participating in 6 different categories in the event. Entry fee was only RM 65 per car per category per round. The affordability probably was the most important factor contributing to the high turn-out. GRA had to stop receiving applications early.

participating cars
some of the participating cars

The categories were:

  • Class A: Below 1300cc engine capacity
  • Class B: 1301-1600cc engine capacity
  • Class C: 1601-1900cc engine capacity
  • Class D: 1901-2400cc engine capacity
  • Class E: 2401cc and above engine capacity
  • Class F: Sports Car Class

Class E has no restrictions on modifications, though car must retain it’s original dimension. Class F is any vehicle with open top/close top and two seater non turbo. Micro cars and K cars are not eligible into this class.

Datsun Fairlady Z
old school Datsun Fairlady Z

The event was hugely entertaining, with a very funny MC giving scores and witty comments during the entire afternoon. Some of his gems include:

  • “kelisa pun lagi cepat” (even a kelisa is faster) – when commenting on the EVO 8
  • “dia suka makan angin” (he loves sight seeing) – complaining cars running too slow
  • “kalau pemandu tak berhati-hati, kita pula kena berhati-hati” (if the drivers are not careful, we’d have to becareful) – a spin on the slow drivers

Toyota MR2
a toyota MR2

Average runs are in the mid 40 seconds. The fastest time was by a Lotus Elise that recorded a below 39s. Mickey’s best run was 41.13 in his MR2. The Datsun Fairlady Z was the best entertainer of the day, spun out and decided to make donuts on the track and hit a few cones before finishing his run. The crowd went wild.

K cars
K cars too

There were lucky draws at the booth, with winners having a chance to sit in veteran racing and rally driver Ivan Khong’s BF Goodrich sponsored Subaru Impreza, or MR2 Mickey’s car for a taxi ride on the track. The taxi service isn’t your ordinary KLIA limo ride, it’s a high speed drift with two of the very experienced drivers. The winners had a great time, and I wonder if any of them peed in thier pants.

race queens
how can an auto event be complete without race queens?

For more info, join the GRA group at Yahoo.

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  1. eh KY why u take my gf’s pic ??? I SUE YOU!!!!

  2. Great photos:

    I almost want to get into a car…..

    I’m a non driver, a phobic driver wannabe.
    I’m looking for driving mavens and car experts to give me some tips about learning to drive.

    What’s your #1 tip for driving?

    What’s your favorite car?

    How did you learn to drive?

    Why do you like driving? (It’s a mystery to me)

    Thanks. Please email your comments to me or post them on my blog.
    This is a sincere request for driving tips.


  3. i was there. good take on the days event mate.

  4. Thanks so much for your reply on my blog.
    But how do you take control of the situation in a car?
    Complete attention? High alert?

    Why is driving like a sport? For me, it seems painful, like visiting the dentist.

    But I’m willing to give it a try.
    Thanks again, for commenting. I appreciate the advice
    Please chime in with any advice.

  5. TMY, u tok kok la

  6. It was a great event. Had plenty fun. Nice pics mate!

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