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Taking public transport can be exciting and amusing at times. Just look at the pictures of public sleeping that I have managed to take! Cheers!

sleeping in LRT
How lovely.

Now I must confess that I have slept in the LRT on numerous occasions, and I have missed my intended station more than once. I would put a picture of myself sleeping on LRT just to be fair, but then again I don’t trust my phone with a stranger especially when I’d be sound asleep.

Sleeping in LRT
Public sleeping not confined to young folks only!

I am convinced that our LRTs have some anesthetic treatment to it’s air conditioning system that makes us all go zzzz.. If you are an insomniac, please give it a try. Too bad the service is only from 6am to 12am, they don’t operate when we need sleep the most.. sigh.

sleeping in public
Repeat offender caught!

I wonder if the STAR lrt line and the KTM are just as nice to sleep in.


So Horny was supposed to bring his colleagues for a crab feast, and we were asked to join along. His colleagues somehow fakeplanned him, but since we were already all worked up in anticipation, we went for De Foodland crab place at Kepong anyway, just horny, sotong, FA, and I. Suanie was too sleepy, and ST was busy fixing his hdd.. boy did those noobs missed out.

Kepong Crab with 30 varieties
Kerol eating her ebiko from cold storage, siao. FA is hungry

We were starving after fighting through the slow ass moving cars on LDP. We ordered sweet and sour crab, steamed crab with chinese wine, vege with foo yu, tofu with fakeplan abalone (mushroom), rice, and also a roll for dipping that sweet and sour sauce. Kerol brought along her ebiko to look sophisticated.

30 varieties, kepong crab
How’s your appetite?

The tofu was very smooth and the fake abalone mushroom was especially well textured. The crabs, they were excellent. Big fat claws and they are well crushed too, this is the first time that I did not need a nut cracker, a hammer, or my yet to developed wisdom tooth to crack the shell. The sweet and sour crab was a bit messy to eat, but the taste was very rich. Dipping the bun in the sauce, and it was like OMFGodly good. Too bad we were too hungry and gorged down a plate of rice prior to the crab arriving, otherwise we would have ordered more rolls.

eating crab at kepong
That’s how you peel a claw, noob!

The steamed crab with chinese wine was something I had for the first time. It was a pretty different taste, I don’t usually associate herbs with crab, but the combination was rather delicious. FA couldn’t stop drinking the soup base, she said it was sweet and tastey. We think it was because of the alcohol. The fried vege was very good too, by the way.

The shop serves crab in 30 different ways. They are: Marmite, Cantonese Style Steamed, Lighty Soya Sauce, Special Taste, Black Pepper, Hot & Spicey, Sweet & Sour, Kam Heong, Black Stout, Kong Pao, Curry, Pepper Salt, Stir Fried, Cheese, Fragrant Flower, Pan Fried, Creamy Mushroom, Fermented Black Bean, Creamy Butter, Mee Hoon Fried Crab, Nyonya, Crispy Butter, Ginger & Spring Onion, Steam with Chinese Wine, Vietnamese Style, Claypot Creamy, Claypot Drunken, Steamed with Yellow Wine, Claypot Yellow Wine, and finally, Salted Egg Yolk.

They also have about 10 items on the menu that you have to order 3 days in advance. Those stuff are probably rather pricey. Our dinner costs RM 160 for 4, not exactly cheap, but the food was definately good, and the service was fast. It was a weekday afterall.

map to Kepong crab place
I always show you how to get there, don’t I?

De Foodland
25&26, Jalan 3/62B, Bandar Sri Menjalara
52200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.190243,101.638405
Tel: 03-6274 4796

They have a website at too

I had promised my colleague some weeks ago that I will try to puasa (fasting) for at least a day, just to get a feel of what it is like. So yesterday I did just that, and since you can read this entry, it’s a living proof that I am survived it.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal was waking up for Sahur (pre-fasting breakfast). I crawled out of bed at around 4:30am in the morning, drove all the way from PJ to Ampang in a hurry. Fasting time starts at around 5:40am, I reached Ampang at 5am to allow ample time for a nice heavy breakfast.

Try having a full plate of rice with fried chicken and curry at that hour, it was not easy to gorge all of that in. I drank a glass of teh ais and another glass of warm water for good measure.

KY puasa
Sahur time (5am), and 4pm, dancing stomach.

So, not a single drop of water or an food in my system, from 5:30 am onwards. It wasn’t really all that bad. The morning was fine, you do get thirsty about 3-4 hours after the meal, but it’s not any more than after exercise, and it didn’t really get progressively worse as the day went by. As for hunger, my stomach had a rock concert going on at around 3-4pm, but sort of got used to it thereafter.

My colleague called at 7pm to wish me Selamat Buka Puasa, I told her I was buying boxed noodle at pasar malam, with pork. hee-hee. It was an interesting experience, to paraphrase one of my friends: “you feel more in control of your body after you do that.” I might do it again next Monday, anyone wants to join?


So we found out that hot chick blogger Hayanna (suanie said so) posted an entry on this korean BBQ place her mom recently opened. Being possessed by the hungry ghost soul, we went to check out Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ restaurant at Ampang last weekend.

Half a dozen of us went there, rojaks, v0ices, fox, paul, horng, and myself. The place is not terribly easy to find, and thanks to rojak’s excellent lead, we had to make several u-turns en route. Kinda made us look abit funny. But lets get to the juice, the food.

Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ at Ampang
Combination of Real Charcoal + Propane, Efficient

The deal is like this, you choose the types of meat you want for BBQ, and there’ll be a host of other companion dishes that follows, and those are bottomless. In a way, it’s a buffet that you never need to stand up, good for lazy buggers like most of you here. I mean, when you have to go to a regular buffet line for the 5th time, you do get a bit annoyed.

Woo Ga Chon Ampang Korean BBQ restaurant
Don’t tell me you’re not drooling, noob.

We ordered beef, marinated beef, and “uh hwa jou” pork. The pork is actually kinda bacon, but in thicker slices, and fresh, not marinated or smoked. The staff did the BBQing for us, they usually make it to about medium rare before cutting it into bite size. If you want yours well done, just leave it on the pit for a few more minutes, it’s that easy.

The owner (Hayanna’s mom) showed us the proper way of dining Korean BBQ, get a piece of meat, dip in the sauce/seasoning, put in the leave + vege, add garlic if you like, put another type of sauce, wrap, eat, pwnage! It was really mouth watering.

Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ near Ampang Point
Look at those boys enjoying, too bad Hayanna wasn’t there

The side dishes were too numerous to name, there were fried tong fun with chicken and mushroom (paul practically drank that,) few types of fried vege, miso soup with coagulated pork blood (best,) pickles, kimchi (of course,) and more. They were very good, and as soon as we finish a plate, the staff would be trying to shove 2 new plates in. You just simply can’t keep track of how much you have eaten.

The bill came and it was RM160 for 6 of us, or slightly less than RM 27 per pax. For this type of food, boy, it was well worth it. Highly recommended! Dont’ let the deco fools you, the food is way, way better than the setting, which is somewhat simple and plain. But why do you want to pay more for interior designing of a restaurant anyway unless you want to impress some high maintenance chicks.

Map to Woo Ga Chon korean BBQ place near Ampang Point
So rojaks don’t have to get you to do a few u-turns to get there

Here’s the address, and of course, a highly professional map for your navigational needs.

Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant
G20 Jalan Sulaiman 1 , taman putra sulaiman,
GPS: 3.150972,101.748655
Tel: 03-4270 4211

Another pimping post for you noobs. I got someone femmes to pimp to you, please welcome Reta of Cyber-Red, a veteran blogger that will put your 100th post to shame, cos she did more than 5 times as many as you, noob! Previous pimping entries can be found here

Reta of cyber red
Name: Reta
Age: early twenties, don’t ask lah
Weight: slender & curvy type
Height: almost as tall as me, maybe 5’5?
Speciality: organized crime campaign for STD
X factor: nail biting, so you save on the manicure

This young lady is an almost graduate from a femmes college at Klang Valley. Over legal age and barely qualify to register as a voter. She is also a veteran blogger with over 500 posts! As a comparison, yours truely here is only working on the the 120th. That makes her more than 4 times better.. or something like that.

pimping Reta of cyber red
i’m so happy, yeay!

If you can get her to go to Sunway Lagoon, an unamed source told me that she’ll put on bikini and looks really good on it. Rumours also have it that she enjoys playing pool, and can sometimes go to Asia Cafe at Subang Jaya. But yet another anonymous source warned that this girl has a curfew, a mama’s girl, a modern day Cinderalla. Probably a good thing, you know she’s not contaminated by KL’s night scene… yet.

Reta pimped
yet another proof that this is genuine, hehe.

To date her:
What are you waiting for? Go pledge to Peter Tan’s Hair for Hospice, higher you pledge, higher your chance is! It’s all for a good cause anyway.