I had promised my colleague some weeks ago that I will try to puasa (fasting) for at least a day, just to get a feel of what it is like. So yesterday I did just that, and since you can read this entry, it’s a living proof that I am survived it.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal was waking up for Sahur (pre-fasting breakfast). I crawled out of bed at around 4:30am in the morning, drove all the way from PJ to Ampang in a hurry. Fasting time starts at around 5:40am, I reached Ampang at 5am to allow ample time for a nice heavy breakfast.

Try having a full plate of rice with fried chicken and curry at that hour, it was not easy to gorge all of that in. I drank a glass of teh ais and another glass of warm water for good measure.

KY puasa
Sahur time (5am), and 4pm, dancing stomach.

So, not a single drop of water or an food in my system, from 5:30 am onwards. It wasn’t really all that bad. The morning was fine, you do get thirsty about 3-4 hours after the meal, but it’s not any more than after exercise, and it didn’t really get progressively worse as the day went by. As for hunger, my stomach had a rock concert going on at around 3-4pm, but sort of got used to it thereafter.

My colleague called at 7pm to wish me Selamat Buka Puasa, I told her I was buying boxed noodle at pasar malam, with pork. hee-hee. It was an interesting experience, to paraphrase one of my friends: “you feel more in control of your body after you do that.” I might do it again next Monday, anyone wants to join?

KY Puasa – and still alive.

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