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I am sure some of you noobs here have heard about Ampang Yong Tau Foo, and might have gone to some shady shops with the “Ampang Yong Tau Foo” signs. However, if you haven’t gone to the original place, all you’ve had would just be akin to any stalls in KL claiming they serve “Penang Char Kuih Teow”. Lets get old school, lets get the real stuff.

Ampang yong tau foo
argh, i’m starting to drool..

Now there are 3 shops right next to each other at this original Ampang Yong Tau Foo place that is situated in an old school area with all the pre-war buildings. I have tried each of the 3 shops and thus far think that all of them are pretty much equally good. So these days we just go to the one that we manage to find a parking space.

Ampang yong tau foo
we ordered quite a feast for 3 people

Last weekend we visited the middle shop, called Restaurant Orchard View Yong Tau Foo. Each piece of yong tau foo is RM 0.60, and they serve a variety of other dishes too. We ordered “mui choi khau yok” (fatty pork with some fermented vege,) glass chicken legs (boneless chicken feet, served with carrots, chillie, parsley, lime,) peanut soup, oily vegetable, and 20 pieces of mouth watering yong tau foo. Terence was there, that explains why we ordered so much.

Some purists will say that the place should sell nothing but yong tau foo, and I think one of the other shops is like that, but I think it doesn’t hurt to have a little variety. The yong tau foo is fresh and have a pretty nice texture to it. They come in chilly, okra (lady’s finger), bitter guord, tofu, foo chok, and gyoya if you just ask them to mix it up. Of course, you can order seperately.

Map to Ampang yong tau foo restaurants
Here’s the map, foo!

If you love yong tau foo, this is the place to go. Any of the 3 restaurants will do justice to the Ampang Yong Tau Foo name. I never walk out of that place with an unsatisfied stomach. There was once I had to down 18.5 pieces of yong tau foo cos we mistakenly brought a Malay friend there and found out it wasn’t halal after ordering 30 pieces for 3 person. The other chump only had 11.5, wtf.

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only.

GPS: 3.144619, 101.763284

Discuss : KY eats – Ampang Yong Tau Foo

  1. I tried Hung Hung before not too bad but you should the Yong Tao Fu in Puchong. You pick the uncooked vege that you want then only the stuff in the fish paste. They are very generous with the fish paste too. The best Yong Tao Fu I ever had.

    The place is quite secluded, all I know is that you drive along LDP towards Tractors but don’t turn right when at a split one going towards USJ and another towards Putrajaya. Just go straight and you go into a somewhat rocky road. All the way straight until you see a restaurant that is actually a makeshift of residential house. This shop also sells Yong Tao Fu but not the famous one, go in further a bit and now you’ll two shops also a residential house. They are just a house apart. The story I heard is both owner are sisters, used to operate together but got into some disagreement and split. I tried the one in the corner.

    If you ask anyone working or staying near Puchong, they should know.

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  3. dane iskandar

    when i was still working in kl i used to have lunch at 1 of the famous ampang yong tau foo. the one located opposite Ampang Putri Hospital. . Wow….i think that was the best yong tau foo i ever had in kl and its halal too. i always like chinese food not just how it taste but the way itb was prepared. i wish theres a halal yong tau foo outlet here in my hometown, bintulu sarawak.anybody can give me info abt that?
    Thank you & enjoy yr meal….

  4. hello….me n my sisters are planning to visit kuala lumpur soon..wonder if u could kasi tips….as in where we can go makan-makan??…we looking for places with city views(heard abt bread n olive at hulu langat.. is it halal????)…cheap-cheap lagi best…..but must b halal ya!!!…….

  5. Hi, may I know the exact road name of the place? cant firue out where from the map lei. thanks 🙂

  6. terence,
    It is restaurant Orchard View Yong Tau Foo 😀

  7. jeanette Tan

    there is no ampang yong tau foo in klang. we have 2 adjoining shoplot at bandar baru klang.
    which is suitable for ampang yong tau foo. Interested contact jeanette tan 0192701083.

  8. jeanette,
    Oooo too bad I don’t run restaurants. 😀

  9. […] to be reboiled and refried, but that’s the whole point of going there instead of places like Ampang or Jalan Ipoh, […]

  10. Hi KY,

    I found a Restoran Ampang Yong Tau Fu in KLANG. May be is taking over – previously the shop is Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu. I try Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Fu before but AMPANG Yong Tau Fu cooking is totally difference. They served with soup Yong Tau Fu with vegetable. Must try very delicious. And their other food also very delicous and most important is their price is resonable. Noodle only selling at RM1.60 (with soup or dry).

  11. Lily,
    Ooo, interesting. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  12. hey KY and lily,
    I’ve also found out that Ampang yongtaufu
    their food is so homemade
    i loved it so much
    and now I am one of their regular customer
    hope seeing u there… haha
    I’ve also found out that they had a website in blogspot
    feel free to have a view to know more about it

    hope it would be abit help out for the bloggers searching for it >.<

  13. Sarah,
    Thanks! 😀

  14. Hahahahah just remember guys it’s not open at night!!!! Me and a friend drove all the way there from PJ and it was closed hahahahha

  15. Paku,
    Good pointer!

  16. Hi KY & Paku,
    I found out that the business hour for Klang Ampang Yong Tau Fu is from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm daily and off on Every Monday. So Paku you should try again. Good Luck !!!

  17. hi, may I know around how much would a cab ride cost from say Concorde Hotel (near Malaysia Tourism Centre) to this Ampang Yong Tau Foo Place?

    how to tell the cabby directions?

    I rem visiting this place before and I was ripped off even though it was run by meter. Think the meter was rigged

  18. Lily,

    I think the taxi ride shouldn’t be more than RM10

  19. Hi KY,

    how to tell the cab driver directions? or i presume they know these famous places?

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    Let’s bring your friends and family members to join this festival!

    Sk Chen

  21. For those in Imbi/KLCC try Ampang Yong Tau Fu at Medan Imbi
    The 2 guys are working day time at Foong Foong (beside Orchard View) & setup stall at Medan Imbi at night between 6pm -9pm
    Price reasonable & taste the same as Ampang ones
    They are cooking as you buy so very fresh

  22. Very nice fried yong tofu! But, very hot there in the afternoon. I also enjoy Heng Fatt Dimsum along jln besar at ampang. Shop No.33 i think. I always ate there when i was younger. It closed many yrs ago and now reopened serving the same great food.

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