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So it was my birthday on Saturday. I’m not telling you how young I still am, just old enough to drink and young enough to still be single. It was a blast, and here’s how the whole fakeplan thingy the noobs did for me.

11am – Terence fetched me for lunch, with Sai Meng. He gave some stupid reasons that he wanted to spend me dinner but was going to be busy at night, so, lunch. I believed that bugger. We went for some yong tau foo at Ampang, it was the good. At this time Kerol was pretending to sleep and skipped the lunch… it was all fake.

KY birthday

2pm – We reached my place after lunch, I opened my room door and wtf.. whole room filled with post-it notes, everything was labeled! On my bed itself there were more than a dozen notes… mirror, lamp, books, photos, speakers, laptop, every single bottle of liquor.. The noobs (ST, Kim, FA, Erna, Kerol, Chan, Huey Fang) were all there.

3-6pm – We went to Chillies at Bangsar Shopping Complex, had some beer, food, and OMGWTFBBQ Suanie got me a birthday cake, it was cholate with banana inside, was cold, was cool, was good. Suanie & Matakecik joined us at this point.

KY birthday

Dinner time – Had seafood at Telugong, Klang. A few more joined us, including Sheryl, Zess and his gf. There were about 13 of us if I remember correctly. Margie & Faggot weren’t able too join us, but thanks for the bottle of French Merlot dude!!

It was a great day, not looking forward to the next one tho. After the 21st, you just don’t really look forward to the subsequent birthdays..

THANKS GUYS! I had a great time, and really appreciate it. I also want to express my gratitudes to everyone who called, sms, left friendster msg, YM msg, MSN msg, and IRC wishes. hehe.


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