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Today is Suanie‘s birthday, our charismatic blogger who went on THE STAR newspaper carrying the flag that represented many of us. Last night, however, she was seeing altogether different type of stars, mostly spinning on top of her head. She was so royally intoxicated by alcohol I doubt she remembers what happened.


Suanie birthday party
Oh I love the toilet bowl, omfg I’m drunk! I love all of you too.

It was a surprise birthday party thrown for our beloved friend somewhere at Bangsar. I am sure pretty soon there will be pictures posted by the almighty Peter Tan and some other jokers. Yours truly didn’t bring his brick camera to the occasion, so only managed to snap a few shots of some of the hotties at the scene.

Suanie birthday at Bangsar
I just wanted to make sure these girls are still hot when I look at their pictures sober.

p/s: Suan, it was Gary, yes it was him.


Last weekend Suanie called up and said she was starving.. about 2 hours later (don’t ask), we arrived at 1U. Since FA & I had ate earlier, we decided to wait out for the happy hour. Who doesn’t love happy hours?

Do you not love this picture of FA with the appropriate caption?

We had earlier went to the Fish & Co, their menu looked pretty good with some nice alcoholic mixed drinks. Then the waiter dropped us a bomb,

“sorry guys, we don’t have those drinks.”

“Anything alcoholic then?” asked Suanie

“Yah, Tiger Beer”


So we went to Chillies instead. Rang up ST and Kim to join us for some good old afternoon non-halal drink fix too.

happy hour with fireangel
FA waiting for the the clock to hit 3pm for HAPPY HOUR!

Service at Chillies 1U sucks ass. You can read more on suanie’s post about it. Anyhow, it was still a great afternoon, especially when you have so many beautiful people surrounding you, don’t you think? (yes, they’ve gotten beautiful after my margarita)

happy hour with ST, Kim, Suanie, and FA
I have my margarita, ST & Kim waiting out their food, and Suanie eating hers

Is your life as fun? Cheers!


Many of you ah bengs love to enjoy fine food, but don’t really want to lose an arm and a leg for a meal. Well here’s something for you, awesome authentic Italian food that is easy on the pocket. How does RM 9.90++ for set lunch sound to you? Great, me too.

Pizzeria Italian Restaurant at SS2
RM 9.90++ in an authentic place, you can’t ask for more?

The place is located at SS2 next to Public Bank, or, directly behind Maybank. Parking might not be easiest to find during weekdays, but weekends should be alright. The restaurant is run by actual european white boys (ok, maybe old men), and the waitresses wear the Italian football jersey as their uniform. The interior decoration is not overly complicated, but definately with an Italian taste. And yes, the toilet is clean.

SS2 Pizzeria Italian Restaurant
Big plate of spaghetti, GONE!

The RM 9.90 set lunch is the cheapest combo. You can choose between mushroom or minestrone soup, a glass of soft drink, and a main dish. Usually I go for spaghetti primavera, all vege. You can also get pizzas, rossito, and more.

The food is great, the price is good. Dating a chick when you’re on a budget and yet you want to go to a quiet place with great food, go there!


61, Jalan SS 2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.120322, 101.622140

KY Pimps – Vanessa

September 19, 2005 2 Comments

Here’s yet another pimp post, backed by popular demand after FA and Xaviera were featured not terribly long ago. You know the drills, you know the rules, check the previous posts to avoid any confusion. Lets get it on!

Name: Vanessa
Age: Barely Legal
Weight: Lighter than yours truely
Height: Taller than yours trulely when on 4″ heels
Occupation: College Student
Speciality: Pool, though I pwned her with my noob skills.
X factor: A nyonya, how many of those do you find? Ah, and she blogs too, at

A simple girl who likes to play pool, shop, sleep, party and such. Loves to eat McD fries and slurping ice cream, so definately not one of those high maintenance type. At the tender age of 19, she still qualifies as a teen, so some of you old farts can stay away. But if you are still in your twenties, you are qualified to date her, and I assure you that some of them guys will be looking at you with envious eyes thinking “WTF how did this fugly d00d be able to go out with this cute ngonya chick?

Vanessa pimped
She plays pool, didn’t I tell ya?

KY pimping vanessa
See, I didn’t just get her picture from some online paysite, I really do know her!

To date her:
Let the bidding begin! Highest bidder gets the deal, well, of course she must agree to it. Money goes to SPCA, or some other charity Peter Tan specifies.

This is high class college sweetie, don’t get left behind!


After having the fusion of fastfood – Burger King and A&W at Starbucks, we decided to go for an encore. This time around, it was McDonald’s and Starbucks at Coffeebean. Remember, when you can’t decide what type of coffee or tea or food the group has to agree on, you don’t! Do not let the corporation controls where you want to eat!

McD and starbucks at coffeebean with FA, suanie, and horny
FA trying to be cute

McD and starbucks at coffeebean with FA, suanie, and horny
Suan decided to be a monster, she loves her Starbucks & fries.

McD and starbucks at coffeebean with FA, suanie, and horny

Highlight of the night. Horng was supposed to refill the teapot with some hot water, but the noob never look at the label. We ended up having cold water soaking tea leafs.. didn’t exactly work out that well.

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