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From the post about Isetan Sushi, some of you might have the idea that I love Japanese, which is, er… very true. Now, not all Japanese food are made or served the same, repeat after me. “Sushi King & Genki are for the noobs.” Thank you thank you, now let me tell you about this Rakuzen place.

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Subang SS15
Now this is what I called a real Jap restaurant

This place is located at Subang Jaya SS15, at the row of shops situated directly opposite Subang Jaya Medical Center. The sign board isn’t terribly big or visible, but squint your eyes like a Japanese and look hard, you’ll find it.

Rakuzen Japanese food, ss15 subang jaya
Can you imagine how these go down the throat? yummmm

The Hokkaido Seafood season happened to be this time of the year for this restaurant. Basically it means that you get to enjoy fabulous seafood that were caught offshore Hokkaido, the island at northern Japan. We ordered a generous plate of sashimi, 2 hand rolls (salmon roe & softshell crab), a dish of big fat scallops, and some absolutely amazing beef.

All these dishes have some funky Japanese names, but for the life of my koi fish, I can’t remember any of them, so beat it. The sashimi was served with perfect cuttings of salmon, tuna, yellow tail, octopus, raw sweet shrimps, and another type of white fish. The dish was served in perfect temprature, too. Those are the little touch that some other places ignore.

The beef is cooked medium rare soaked in some type of sourish soup. It was the first time I had this dish. The meat went down very smooth, and surprisingly tender and rich in taste. Scallop was served with some mushroom and chilli, you cook them with a heated scallop shell and some type of sauce. I like my scallop half cooked, so that suits me pretty well. It tastes very sweet and sumptuous.

Subang SS15 Rakuzen Japanese restaurant
All gone.. another satisfied customer

While this is definately not a budget restaurant, the price is rather reasonable. You can get a Chirashi Sushi set for around 30 ringgit. Don’t ask me how much this meal cost tho, but it was worth every penny.

Rakuzen at Subang map
map to Rakuzen at Subang

No. 13, Jalan ss 15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.074770, 101.586370
Tel: 03-5880 4717

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  1. Karen Lee

    u can also visit another franchise at Pyramid…….opp coca restaurant….one floor above Kim Gary!

    KY: had it that before too, excellent.

  2. Oh..they do have another branch in Chulan Square n Sri hartamas as well……they just open another outlet in s’pore too…..The business is damn good…..

  3. […] The food were fresh and tasted authentic, like how Japanese food should be, not excellent like Raku Zen, but above average. While the servers did not try to impress you with crudely memorized Japanese phrases like some other places, they were mostly helpful and provided decent service. It was a very satisfying meal, after the customary 5% government tax and 10% service charge, the bill came to only RM 36.80. RM 19 for the raw fish set, and only RM 13 for the other. Great value isn’t it? […]

  4. Just a heads up, that isn’t SS 15. It’s SS 12. Just thought i’d tell you.

  5. Rachel,

    Opposite Rakuzen, where SJMC is located, would be SS12. However, Rakuzen is at the same ‘zone’ as the colleges, that makes it SS15. 🙂

    The address is:
    13 Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya
    tel: 03-5880 4717

  6. […] I stumbled upon this place a couple of months ago when I visited Zen Sushi at their Pyramid branch. The menu enticed me (particularly the ikura chawamushi) to actually go there a few weeks ago when I had an appointment at Pyramid. […]

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  10. did u get to sit upstairs?? hahaha damn fun ok the tables can put leg underneath wan wtf

  11. liping,
    Of course! 😀 it’s nice up there.

  12. Ooo…i really like ur blog..So how do u like the one in Chulan or the SS15?? I am still thinkin which one to go. You have any suggestion?

  13. Irene,
    Personally I like the SS15 branch for their ambiance, but the place can get really busy though, do call in. The Chulan Sq. branch is really nice as well.

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