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Some of you might have heard about the Segambut seafood noodle, but do you realise that they have an SS2 branch? and in fact, a Subang branch too. Now if you are a seafood lover like me, you should definately try Restaurant Yu Ai.

Segambut seafood noodle at Petaling Jaya SS2
Got clean toilet too, what more can you ask for?

The shop at ss2 is located behind the slighty famous Chow Yang kopitiam, and a few shops next to KAYU nasi kandar at Jalan SS2/10. Pretty easy to find, there is sometimes a yellow Lotus Elise sports car parked right in front of the shop, rumours to be the shop owner’s.

The main branch is on 42, Jalan Segambut utara, and the Subang shop is at 28-1, USJ 9/5P. The business card claims that the place is air-conditioned.

Segambut Seafood noodle at PJ ss2
See the prawn? All peeled except the head and tail, very the pro! I like!

The seafood noodle comes in 3 flavors, clear soup, curry, and tomyam. Personally I like the curry flavor the best, it carries a very rich and creamy taste. They provide chili paste in a container on every table, all you crazy people who loves to have their food overly spicey need not be worried.

The noodle, or kuih teow, or mee hun, comes with 3 big prawn, fish meat, sotong, and a generous serving of dried oyster and lala. Very very sumptous. At a price of RM 11 ringgit and RM 13 ringgit per bowl for the small & big size respectively, it is not exactly cheap (how else do they finance the Elise?), but it’s worth every penny.

My stomach is full, how about yours? hehehe

58 Jalan SS2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.116412, 101.617506
Tel: 03-787 78117

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