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How many of you are sick of Starbucks and Coffeebeans? Places with somewhat decent drinks but basically no FOOD, and with lotsa Ah Bengs gathering at those places lately like vultures surrounding a dying elephant… er.. how to continue.. nevermind…

Update 30/6/2017: this place is closed

map of Petaling Jaya SS2, teapot cafe
here’s how to get there, noob!

Introducing, TEAPOT Cafe at SS2. A place for tea lover, a drink with less caffien and won’t stain your teeth. Plus, it also makes you look slightly more sophisticated, especially if you can fake a British accent (something even the mat salleh can hardly do these days.)

nice teapots
nice environment yeh? just abit too many aunties tho. =/

Other than a handsome choice of tea, including the common Earl Grey, English Breakfast, to the more exotic fruit teas, they serve a variety of local and western food too. I tried their Chicken Kiev, and it was pretty good. Nice big flab of chicken breast with juicy butter & herbs trapped inside with the help of a few tooth picks. Yumm. Fish & Chips

FA at teapot cafe
FA said Hi, and made a FU Peace sign

This is a perfect place to bring your chick for a date and away from prying eyes of the Ah Bengs at Starbucks & Coffeebean. It shows that you have taste, or that you merely read this blog. If you don’t have a gf/bf, you can always be like me, bring someone whom you can somewhat confuse otherd to be your significant other, contrary to the reality. heehee


p/s: If you’re a hot chick and you would like to go there with me, drop me a mail!

169, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.116348, 101.622355
Tel: 03-7875 3024

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  1. Leng Looi

    hahah! ure witty and funny..wat a combo..i basically hafta book dis place for a gathering on saturday…thanks for dis review..cheers!! 😆

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