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Since we started building the koi pond, we have been getting to know alot of neighbours. So if you move into a new neighbourhood, I suggest that you build yourself a pond too, it’s the best ice breaker, brings everyone together, world peace and all.

KY koi pond
So pretty so pretty, young men. Oh thank you thank you, uncles.

There are currently 4 fishes in the pond right now, and the water is like.. green. Hopefully the biological filter kicks in a few weeks time and clear the water up.

beautiful koi fish
Lovely, no? 😀

Oh well, there’s still this mural that Huey Fang and Chan are drawing up to complete the garden, we’ll see how long it takes them… about 1.5 months now so far.. hehe

Koi Pond

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  1. […] But first, lets take a look at a couple snaps I took of the pond. The plants are now growing pretty tall as compared to just a couple months ago. You can compare it with this koi pond post that I wrote a few months back on September, and also this one from August. Huge difference isn’t it? However, the green and white plants are invaded by caterpillar recently and that has inhibit the growth quite a bit. The bamboo lookalike and the red leaf plants, however, has been going bezerk. The bourgonvilla is a new addition thanks to FA. […]

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