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On a recent trip back to Penang, I discovered something that I truely did not feel too proud of my home state, and that is the Ah Beng Style karaoke booth and your-own music video shop. This is truely an innovation to fulfill a narcissist’s dream, on a budget.

Ah Beng style karaoke
Goddamn Ah Beng color scheme too. Couldn’t find the Type-R sticker anywhere tho.

This was at Prangin Mall, there’s this whole area filled with these karaoke booth. You just go in, feed the machine some notes or coins, and sing your life away in the booth. I guess the booth must be giving a shower-room effect and make you less shy.

2 girls in coin operated karaoke booth
Look, got glass door!

Interestingly, the booths aren’t completely opague, there’s a glass window on the side and on the door too. After much comtemplation, I figure it is for safety issues. You know, just in case your partner can’t take your horrid voice anymore and started foaming, at least someone from outside would notice it and save him/her from a slow and painful death.

make your own music video

If your budget and your narcissism is on the higher side, you can make your own MTV at this place! I think they use state-of-the-art blue screen technology (like HOLLYWOOD, like how they make STARWARS!). You sing in front of that piece of cloth, and they instantly transfer you to whatever background you wish! London, NY, even KLCC I bet! You get your MTV on VCD when you’re done, so you can show it to your mom. Lets just hope she won’t start foaming too..

I was informed that some of the coin operated booths will also let you make your own MTV, perhaps with not as sophisticated as this shop I guess? heh.

Maybe this is why I prefer to stay in KL despite the good food in Penang…

p/s: I don’t know how much those stuff costs as I don’t intend to use them, but i think Goh would love them.


After taking a swim in the koi pond, we decided to get slightly more serious and got some plants to decorate the pond side nicely.

koi pond with garden

We got five of those whitish green plants and 4 of those reddish plants as well as some bamboo look alike plants and floating water plants. Looks pretty impressive isn’t it?

zen garden theme koi pond

Floating plants on the waterfall, and a japanese ZEN theme is in with this little stone pagoda thing at the far side of the pond. We installed a small light bulb in there too!

filter system for koi pond

Here’s the all important biofilter.
First chamber – Japanese Mat, with aeration
Second chamber – Bio Balls, with aeration
Third chamber – Bio Stones, with aeration

Hope this set up is sufficient, or else I’ll have to start thinking about a trickle tower…


Koi Pond

… and sometimes Singapore & Thailand too.

As an IT geek, I’m probably one of the very few who do not engross myself in the world of cyber games such as World of Warcraft, Gunbound, or any other multiplayer games. However, as a old school guy, I play Minesweeper instead.

I’m so good in this it’s totally ridiculous. Then again, with the amount of time and lost productivity from office, it’s just natural.

minesweper expert level in 63 seconds
63 frigging seconds for expert level, will your mom believe it?

Lately I discovered and the world of uncheatable minesweeper competition, in “real time”, online. It’s a pretty neat concept, you play their version of minesweeper, and when you win, you can submit your score online and compare it to the other, even crazier no-lifer who doesn’t have anything better to do than clicking their brains away.

3rd highest minesweeper score all time

I am like, 3rd fastest all-time in the world at 63s and fastest for August. Amazing ain’t it? That’s a way to make your country proud!

I am now proposing anyone who can challenge me in this game, winner will get a free dinner, and losers, well, just spend me teh-o-ais. COME! I DARE YOU!

p/s: omfg i’m a geek.


Since the pond is almost done except the proper set up of the filtration system, I decided to christen the pond by taking a swim.

Swimming in the koi pond

It was alot of fun, I brought out the snorkling gear, and did some exercise over the water, too. You can see Horng at bottom right enjoying the waterfall.

For some of you with higher bandwidth, you can see a video we took over here. I did a death man fall, Horng took a dive, and you can even see FA visiting us! Too bad she didn’t bring her bikini, heh.

Koi Pond

Following the previous post from the Koi Pond series, this installation will showcase the waterfall and the spotlight that we recently set up.

putting up the koi pond waterfall
Look at Horng imitating ninja turtle on the upper right

We bought this feng sui waterfall thing from one of the many places that sells them at Sungai Buloh. Costs me almost 400 bucks with the gravel and all.. but it’s all pretty and dandy, saves me tonnes of work from creating something that resembles a natural waterfall with my limited skill in that department.

waterfall for the koi pond is ready
Water leaking without the mini-pond, upper left pic

After connecting the pipes and switching on the pump, we found a problem. Water kept spilling and splashing out of the waterfall to the side of the pond. A decision was made and a mini-pond constructed underneath it to provide a way for the spilled water to flow back to the main pond. The small mini-pond would also served as a very small vege filter (basically a place to have some aquatic plants to soaked up the NO3 that would be converted from the good bacteria from main filter.. but I’m sparing you the details for now.)

spot light flooding the koi pond at night
And let the be light

A 300 watt halogen spotlight was installed on top of the wall to illuminate the now-almost-awesome garden, too.

Next post would be gardening and the main filter, but at this point the pond is 90% done.

Koi Pond