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On a recent trip back to Penang, I discovered something that I truely did not feel too proud of my home state, and that is the Ah Beng Style karaoke booth and your-own music video shop. This is truely an innovation to fulfill a narcissist’s dream, on a budget.

Ah Beng style karaoke
Goddamn Ah Beng color scheme too. Couldn’t find the Type-R sticker anywhere tho.

This was at Prangin Mall, there’s this whole area filled with these karaoke booth. You just go in, feed the machine some notes or coins, and sing your life away in the booth. I guess the booth must be giving a shower-room effect and make you less shy.

2 girls in coin operated karaoke booth
Look, got glass door!

Interestingly, the booths aren’t completely opague, there’s a glass window on the side and on the door too. After much comtemplation, I figure it is for safety issues. You know, just in case your partner can’t take your horrid voice anymore and started foaming, at least someone from outside would notice it and save him/her from a slow and painful death.

make your own music video

If your budget and your narcissism is on the higher side, you can make your own MTV at this place! I think they use state-of-the-art blue screen technology (like HOLLYWOOD, like how they make STARWARS!). You sing in front of that piece of cloth, and they instantly transfer you to whatever background you wish! London, NY, even KLCC I bet! You get your MTV on VCD when you’re done, so you can show it to your mom. Lets just hope she won’t start foaming too..

I was informed that some of the coin operated booths will also let you make your own MTV, perhaps with not as sophisticated as this shop I guess? heh.

Maybe this is why I prefer to stay in KL despite the good food in Penang…

p/s: I don’t know how much those stuff costs as I don’t intend to use them, but i think Goh would love them.


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