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After taking a swim in the koi pond, we decided to get slightly more serious and got some plants to decorate the pond side nicely.

koi pond with garden

We got five of those whitish green plants and 4 of those reddish plants as well as some bamboo look alike plants and floating water plants. Looks pretty impressive isn’t it?

zen garden theme koi pond

Floating plants on the waterfall, and a japanese ZEN theme is in with this little stone pagoda thing at the far side of the pond. We installed a small light bulb in there too!

filter system for koi pond

Here’s the all important biofilter.
First chamber – Japanese Mat, with aeration
Second chamber – Bio Balls, with aeration
Third chamber – Bio Stones, with aeration

Hope this set up is sufficient, or else I’ll have to start thinking about a trickle tower…


Koi Pond

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  1. […] But first, lets take a look at a couple snaps I took of the pond. The plants are now growing pretty tall as compared to just a couple months ago. You can compare it with this koi pond post that I wrote a few months back on September, and also this one from August. Huge difference isn’t it? However, the green and white plants are invaded by caterpillar recently and that has inhibit the growth quite a bit. The bamboo lookalike and the red leaf plants, however, has been going bezerk. The bourgonvilla is a new addition thanks to FA. […]

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  4. How is Your pond now?
    What size of Your fiberglass filter?

    • Nikolas: pond’s just fine but now I keep gars, pacu, and oscars instead. fiberglass filter’s about 4’x2’x1.5′

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