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I have formally recieved a request from FA to let me pimp her. Now, by definition, pimp means “Arrange for sexual partners for others” for a small fee, that is. Just thought I should make things clear to avoid confusion.

Name – FA
Age: quarter century young
Weight: below 50kg, can’t say that for every girl these days
Height: more than 5 feet, dont’ ask
Occupation: classified, but hates her work
Speciality: ranting, but occasionaly cute
X factor: great in dancing, sometimes described as “babboon on chili padi”

This girl knows how to have a good time with you too. Just look at the photos below. 1.She parties good, 2. will drink till puke, 3. passing out on the bench and then 4. hug the mamak stall’s table. How lovely is that? A night out with her will gurantee a smashing time!

She enjoys good books, anime (naruto), movies, and shopping at ikea buying things nobody knows the actual usage nor her intended usage.

To Date Her:
This is a pimp post, so of couse it’s all about getting FA a decent date. And since by the definition of “pimp” earlier described, a small fee is to be paid, commensurate with the relative attractiveness of the client. (she wants hot guys).

If you’re interested, kindly leave your details on the comment and I will get back to you if you are chosen as a prospective client. Remember, this is high class stuff.


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  1. […] Bring yourself, and if you feel like chipping in a little, bring some finger food to share, and perhaps some alcohol if you want to see the likes of FA and Kim gets drunk and act silly. Do note that FA can and will start dancing when intoxicated. You’ll never know how ST, suanie, cass, and Goh act when high either. […]

  2. kampongbouy

    hey, KY, I like your hamsap/lecherous looking pictures wth the girls. I wonder if you could hook me up on a date with FA? what do i have to do to apply?

  3. hi, I like all your blogs… just kinda fun… Keep it up!

  4. kampongbouy: she’s too fiesty, anyway she’s so expensive, u sure? it’ll cost u an arm and a leg

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  7. […] 2pm – We reached my place after lunch, I opened my room door and wtf.. whole room filled with post-it notes, everything was labeled! On my bed itself there were more than a dozen notes… mirror, lamp, books, photos, speakers, laptop, every single bottle of liquor.. The noobs (ST, Kim, FA, Erna, Kerol, Chan, Huey Fang) were all there. […]

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  11. […] Did you think FA is hot? Did you think she puts on awesome attire that seemingly fits the occasion all the time? Yah, I thought you’d say yes too. This is the chick that has her own fan site! […]

  12. […] I’m sure most of you already know who is FA by now, the girl who dances good and parties hard. However, many of you do not realise that she also drinks, and for that she doesn’t need a special reason nor occasion. […]

  13. […] Happy birthday and welcome to yet another milestone that nobody really gives a crap for, officially 1 year past the quarter century mark. Remember what you did the on the last birthday celebration down at Rum Jungle? Take a look at the pictures on the very first pimp post, are you puking yet? Or do we need to help you out on that this weekend or something? […]

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