Many of us cannot deny that the best hawker food in this world are found in Penang, the pearl of the orient. While there are variety of offerings, I have decided to introduce you the most talked about penang dish of all – Char Kuih Teow.

There are two acclaimed Char Kuih Teow places in Penang and they are situated only about 1 kilometer from each other. The Macalister Road Sister’s Char Kuih Teow, also known as the 5-junction Char Kuih Teow, and the other that is situated at Lorong Selamat.

Personally I go for the one at Macalister Road simply for the fact that the Lorong Selamat aunty has been way too arrogant and over her head. You have to wait at the stall under the searing sun, sometimes up to half an hour, to serve yourself that plate of Char Kuih Teow. That is too much trouble I’m willing to spend just to save the stall owner RM 30 bucks hiring a helper a day.

Here’s a typical plate of Sister’s Kuih Teow. Served on a piece of banana leaf, with bean sprouts, egg, huge prawns, and topped with some awesome crab meat. Try some when you are in Penang next time!

Penang Char Kuih Teow
You drolling yet?

Lorong Selamat Char Kuih Teow in Penang
Here’s Lorong Selamat’s stall, you can see those desperate dudes lining up under the sun to self-serve their kuih teow. I’m not doing that.

An interesting trivia: rumours have it that the sisters used to be “working girls” when they were young. Luck was on their side that when their bodies aren’t desirable anymore, their cooking skills came to the rescue.

Jalan Macalister (near Jalan Perak intersection)

GPS: 5.419351, 100.317407

KY eats – Penang Char Kueh Teow
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