Alot of us sushi lovers don’t get to eat sushi as often as we like due to the fact that these stuff are pricey. And any self respecting sushi connoisseur would not step into Sushi King or Genki Sushi. Those places use pre-molded rice and pre-cut fish that aren’t terribly fresh. The outer part of the rice also gets dried up, making the texture left to be desired. Last but not least, those places only create an illusion of economic sushi, they certainly aren’t cheap at all considering the quality of stuff you get.

Enter Isetan

Sushi at Isetan
Aren’t these YUMMY?

Now most of the stuff they sell at this ‘prestige’ Japanese departmental store aren’t cheap, or even average. However, much to my delight when I started working at KLCC, their sushi is priced very reasonably, and I would say even cheaper than Jusco and Cold Storage. They carry a wide selection too.

You get Amaebe for RM 1.50, Salmon for RM 1, Tuna for RM 0.75, Scallope for RM 1.50 (where else do you find single peace scallope?), Surf Clam for RM 1.50. They sell some bento too. The stuff is fresh, and 7 pieces of sushi fitting nicely in a disposable plastic container usually costs me less than RM 10. A good choice for light lunch.

I tarpau from there so often I have a bottle of soya sauce in the office. If you don’t have the luxury of working there, you can always tarpau and then eat at the food court at 2nd or 4th floor.

10 bucks for fresh and good sushi with a good selection, what more could you ask for?

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102

KY eats – Isetan Sushi
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