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Galvin has been blogging about his diet, and fooling around modifying other’s appearance by using his photoshop magic to effortlessly add or reduce weight. He’s made me put on a bit of mass and a new hairstyle here, made faggot fat and also buff, and of course, sotong could be slimmer. These are all in his “What if” mini series.

Ever heard of discussion over mamak session that sounds something like this?

“Yeah you put on weight because you never eat regulary, eat at normal meal hours and you won’t be piling up all the fat gut and manboobs at 80kg”… to someone like Galvin, for example.

And then there’s this:

“Dude, you can’t be putting on any weight if you don’t eat at regular intervals. You gonna just stay at 48 – 49 kg. It’s of no use even if you eat alot but no at meal time!” … to someone like Faggot, for instance.

Now wtf is this anyway? You eat regulary to gain weight, and doing the same to lose weight, too? Stop believing in this bullshit and concentrate on the amount of food you take on the average day.

Well I’m about 17% heavier than Fag but 30% lighter than Galvin. Do your calculation, whoever guesses right gets to help work on my pond.

Anyway, the lack of updates are mostly due to being busy at office (2 days training + 2 full day of meeting,) and working on building a pond.

I’ll post some pictures of the progress thus far, and a new POND section shall begin soon. Cheers.


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