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Got this from suan, so here goes.

1. If you had to power to bring world peace, what and how would you do it?
A: Question is a little flawed, if I have the power, then the how would be automatically answered. The what would be world peace, what else?
Anyhow, As yet, nobody has the mystical power to bring world peace, the fastest and probably best option is sadly, through war and total domination of the entire world. However, I don’t really believe in starting a fight to end one. Hence the way I would do it is the Martin Luther King Jr’s way.

2. What would you do if you discovered that you are HIV positive?
A: Immediately whack Hwa Chai. My last sexual experience was probably him screwing me when I was drunk at the party. (he screwed every guy, just check out this photo!)

3. How would you react if the woman you are making out asks you to go down on her and you whiffed something suspicious?
A: Fish has a variety of smell, I try to get used to it.

4. Marvin or Bender? Why?
A: Marvin reminds me of Suan, Bender reminds me of Fuckstress.. I can’t choose. Don’t force me!

5. Why 42?
A: Because it’s the ultimate answer!

Same thing again from Fuckstress

1. if u were an animal what would u be? why?
A: a male bunny of course, we all know what bunnies do all day.

2. if u were a woman for a day what would u do?
A: I would hope it’s a ladies’ night so I can go party for free for once! Get pick up by a dude, follow him home, and get entertained by the horror of his face at 12 midnight when I turn back to being a man again.

3. if u could go back into your past, would u change anything? what? why?
A: I would talk to my dad more. We used to talk all day.

4. wat are u going to be when ur 40
A: I would throw a party on my 40th birthday and all of you are going to come! I hope fuckstress can still dance the way she does now, a bit worried about her knees.

5. Do you believe in a religion? Why/Why not?
A: No, I respect them but find no “answers” to life, the universe, and everything that physics, chemistry and biology could not convincingly answer.

The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on)

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions – each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


This is from one of my chat sessions with fuckstress over instant messenging. Yeah I talk to her, envy?

KY: ok lets play one game.. want?
fuckstress: lame donkey dick reasoning
fuckstress: play lah
KY: ok.. i say a word, u say the opposite, using pre-something
KY: i mean
KY: like if i say complete
KY: u say incomplete
KY: ok?
fuckstress: errrr
fuckstress: will try.
KY: ok..
KY: competent
fuckstress: incompetent
KY: action
fuckstress: inaction
KY: sense
fuckstress: unsenseable?
KY: nonsense!
KY: pun intended
KY: game over

fuckstress: LOLROF
fuckstress: good one

and then she gave me her quiz…

fuckstress: wat u call a baby pig
KY: piglet
fuckstress: baby owl?
KY: chick
fuckstress: ur head
KY: no?
fuckstress: owlet lah
KY: all young birds are chick
KY: ok ok owlet
KY: continue
fuckstress: damnit u spoiled it d
fuckstress: sigh.
fuckstress: no
fuckstress: sian d
fuckstress: baby bull
KY: calf

Alright, let me give you a small warning – SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

Here’s how the story goes, this dude named Anakin, he’s like the pwn in all of Jedi. Other Jedis ain’t got nothing on him. He’s also got a pregnant hot chick gf, Padme. She is hot, trust me.

So they have this war, starwars, where the Republic duking it out with the Seperatis. Pwn pwn pwn… And the Chancellor got kidnapped by some dudes from the other side, Count Dooku and this General Grievous. Anakin and his master Obi-Wan went to rescue him.

During the rescue, Obi-Wan got pwn pretty bad but Anakin rescued him, then he killed Count Dooku, totally owned him. General Grievous escaped tho, sucks. Anakin saved the Chancellor too. So he’s like the hero, you know.

So now cos of the war, the Chancellor got higher power, to bypass the senate and all those crap in making decisions. Jedis didn’t think that was a great idea, cos it’s supposed to be a republic, right?

Cos Anakin rescued him, the Chancellor liked him alot. Named him into the Jedi Council, but since he’s young and powerful and dangerous and owning, the other Jedis said he shall not be a Master yet.. He got pretty pissed.

Now the dude dreamed of his chick, Padme, dying while giving birth. You know Jedis, their dreams can become true. When he was young he dreamed of his mom dying, and next thing you know, she was 6 feet under. He’s scared of losing her, and want to save her .

Back to earlier, this Anakin dude was already pissed, right? Then chancellor want him to spy on the Jedis, and the Jedis want him to spy on the Chancellor. Dude was confused too, and scared, and pissed…

So turned out, the Chancellor is the LORD SITH, the OWNING sucker from the dark side whom allt he Jedis want to pwn! However, Chancellor persuaded Anakin that he shall be his apprentice so he can teach him the greater force of dark side to save Padme. Apperantly the Jedis only got half of the force, and if you’ve got all the force, you can save people from death, to create live! The previous Lord Sith could do that, but killed by his own apperentice though (the Chancellor, of course! you noob)

Hence that is how Anakin got to become Darth Vader, Lord Sith gave him that name.

So, madness follows, lotsa fightings. Chancellor got all the clone soilders to kill most of the Jedis. Anakin killed the young kiddo Jedis too, and then proceeded to kill the members of the Seperatis group who was being controlled by Lord Sith, as instructed by Lord Sith himself, yeah, he is that evil! All these was happening as Obi-Wan went to pwn General Grievous. Light saber didn’t kill him tho, Obi-Wan had to use a gun, and said “how uncivilized!”

So now the remaining Jedis, including the all powerful Yoda (yah the little green dude who can’t speak proper English) went to get the Chancellor. However, Yoda lost, and subsequently went into hiding.

At the same time, Padme jumped on a space ship to visit Anakin. Problem was, Obi-Wan was hiding in that same ship. Padme met Anakin, and dissapointed cos Anakin changed so much more evil now, so she doesn’t really love him anymore. Anakin is now PISSED, EVIL, and JEALOUS, cos he saw Obi-Wan, and probably thought Obi-Wan wanted to hit on Padme. So they started fighting.

Now this place is a volcanic planet. They faught and faught and faught. The whole place was falling apart. Then Obi-Wan jumped to higher ground, and told Anakin, “dude, you losing, I’m on higher ground, give up”, Anakin was pissed, did a somersault, but Obi-Wan sliced off his 3 remaining limbs in one stroke. Boy that was cruel, left Anakin there getting burned by hot lava and suffering, but he didn’t kill him off, figured Anakin would die. Being the true hero, he didn’t die, of course.

After a while, Lord Sith the Chancellor, came to find Anakin, discovered he is still alive! He fixed him up with some cool artificial limbs, and put him on the black Darth Vader outfit, so cool. It came with a synthetic voice that we’re all too familiar in later episodes, too.

So the next scene was Padme giving birth to Vader’s children (twins). She named them Luke, and Leie Skywalker. However, she didn’t feel like living, so she died, I think.

They took the children to seperate places to be raised. Obi-Wan took the boy back to Anakin’s hometown and gave him as adoption to a couple, while the other lesser known Jedi took the girl.


I am giving this show a 8/10. Alot better than the previous two. WOOHOO.

pro noob

May 14, 2005 Leave a comment

picture blatantly copied from google image, have fun!

pro versus noob


We often hang out at the best mamak stall in all of klang valley – Misai @ ss2.

Misai serves the best teh-o-ais, and while everything is good and dandy, there remains a small problem. You see, there is this dude who isn’t particularly visually appealing who enjoys going to Misai as much as we do. THE DUDE WEARS THONG EVERY SINGLE TIME, AND IT SHOWS! FUCKWITS APPETITE DESTROYER

We were trying to take a picture of him last night but I think he discovered what we were going to do and promptly switched to the other side of the table whereby he was facing us instead of facing away from us.

Again, I’ll let my illustration do the explanation. Morbid curiosity..

the thong guy at ss2