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Monthly Archives / April 2005

Allow me to introduce to you my good friend Terence, who calls himself God, but more appropriately, Goh.

Anyway, I just want to show you that Goh likes to smoke (trying to quit at the moment tho), get drunk, and get stoned, as shown by my yet-another illustration here. Cheers!

terence goh - the many faces


When I was in my first couple years of high school, I used to ride my good old trusted mountain bike to school. The journey was about 8 kilometers. I rode everyday, rain or shine, up hills both ways, and still enjoyed the sweaty shirt in class every single day. Kids these days, they complained about having to wait for the school bus, heh.

On a fateful evening when I was riding back from school, the traffic was heavy. I was weaving through cars behind a red light to get in front like any respected bikers would. The weather was hot, I was tired, cars were alot, and the road was narrow. Inevitably the steering of my bike hit a proton saga’s left side rear view mirror. Being 13 and barely 5 feet tall, I quickly raced forward without even looking at the car I hit, fearing the driver might just pawn my ass.

I got home nonetheless, that driver didn’t chase me. I guess it was perhaps just a small scratch, or perhaps the spring system in the mirror worked and the car didn’t suffer any damage.

Took my shower, and didn’t think about the incident anymore. Then we had dinner, and my dad suddenly asked

“Why did you run away after hitting my rear view mirror?”

I went “…. “


From the very first post, you might have already been familiar with Faggot‘s verbal skill in any Chinese dialects. The lack of it, that is.

Sipping down teh-o-ais limau with the gang at ss2 mamak stall, we were having a somewhat serious discussion about our thoughts on the great question that is life after death.

Some of us believe that there is reincarnation, others prefer the hell & heaven version. However, being Chinese, most of us are pretty in tuned with the reality and agreed that we are heading down under before the turn of the next century.

A wind of oddness was felt as faggot was relatively quiet, he was pondering something for a great length of time. And then he spoke “dude, I am a little worried, when I die and meet with the gate keepers in hell and they start to speak in Mandarin or Cantonese to me, I won’t understand and .. how?”

Dude was seriously worried.