From the very first post, you might have already been familiar with Faggot‘s verbal skill in any Chinese dialects. The lack of it, that is.

Sipping down teh-o-ais limau with the gang at ss2 mamak stall, we were having a somewhat serious discussion about our thoughts on the great question that is life after death.

Some of us believe that there is reincarnation, others prefer the hell & heaven version. However, being Chinese, most of us are pretty in tuned with the reality and agreed that we are heading down under before the turn of the next century.

A wind of oddness was felt as faggot was relatively quiet, he was pondering something for a great length of time. And then he spoke “dude, I am a little worried, when I die and meet with the gate keepers in hell and they start to speak in Mandarin or Cantonese to me, I won’t understand and .. how?”

Dude was seriously worried.

Life After Death
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