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April 30, 2005 5 Comments

These are 2 pictures of our friend peeing in a parking lot, can you guess who?

fag pissing in parking lot

fag pissing in parking lot


So there was this taxi driver who was suspected to be robbing passangers.

Our police set up a task force to tracked down this rouge driver. They came close to nabbing him yesterday with 4 plain clothed policemen in 2 unmarked car.

The taxi was identified, a chase ensured, shots were fired. The taxi went on the New Pantai Expressway, one of the numerous privatised highways in the Klang Valley that we love to hate. Came the toll booth, taxi breezed through the SmartTag lane, while policemen were stranded in the manual lane. Suspect escaped

Hail to the SmartTag.

Moral of the story:
1. If you’re gonna evade the authority, get the SmartTag transponder.
2. Unmarked police cars should be equipped to withstand crashing through the lane without paying
3. Use a bike (free of charge on paid expressway)

Malay Mail link

suspect ran away with smart tag - ky draws

What does elephants use as tampons?

note: mouseover the image for the answer, you might have to wait for a few seconds.

credit: ST for the stupid riddle.

Q1: What’s the mouse that stands of 2 feet?
*hint: famous and appears on TV

Q2: Now, the duck that stands of 2 feet?

women = time x money
We all know that “time is money” so:
women = money^2
Additionally, we all know that money is the root of evil:
money = sqrt(evil), or:
money^2 = evil
women = money^2 = evil
women = evil

credit: slashdot