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Party was a blast, too bad for you who had to miss it due to various reasons. This is the next morning and I’m not at the greatest of intellectual capacity right now, so here are some highlights and photos. I’m sure others will post pictures on their blogs to compliment whatever I have here.


  • Some 40 people turned out
  • Lotsa us got drunk, some puked, and some passed out
  • Police came three times (twice actual, third in my dreams where we were summoned =/ )
  • Party was a blast, disco light’s the pwn
  • FA danced drunk, then almost passed out
  • Did I say party was a blast?

Here are some pictures:

Image hosted by
Great picture drawn by Chan of the Faggot, Goh, and ST

ST, faggot, and terence
Gin and Juice prepared by me for the birthday boys, only 1 glass for 3, noobs!

fridge full of beer
All loaded up with alcohol

snacks for the party
.. and food

plenty of liquor
.. and liquor

the disco light
what’s a party without some nice disco lights?

dance em all night long

some drunk noobs
teenage wasteland

jessica and margie kissing
hot chicks smoochin

kimberlycun, ST, and others dancing at party
more dancing

drinking alcohol
and drinking

having a feast
and enjoying the food

guys having fun at party, including ST and David
these guys are still not too drunk yet

picture with vanessa the hottie
me taking picture with one of the hotties

sotong completely wasted
and sotong was wasted

fireangel hiding under the bed
FA would say that wasn’t her

this guy is wasted
not only girls were wasted, dudes too

we finished the liquor
aftermath, liquors gone

nothing left in the fridge
fridge empty

kerol pissed drunk at party

and carol aka sotong, seriously screwed

It was a great night, and thanks for everyone who came! Will definately have this again. I’m off to Vietnam in half an hour, housemates can do the cleaning. hehehehehe


p/s: Missed my flight, crap! Lucky there’s one last empty seat on tomorrow’s early flight. Was too high to check my ticket for the proper departure time. heh


In the spirit of pumping up you gals for the saturday party, I have created this image with my ultra elite photoshop skills and the careful selection of the most attractive photos of the main boys at the party. Girls, don’t get too excited yet, we look even cuter in real life.

Please leave a glowing comment if you love the picture. Faggot, ST, and Goh are the birthday boys, and would be collectively adding up to no less than 80 years young by next week. Yours truely would be the host.

A slightly better but horribly non artistic map to the party can be found here

p/s: Please refrain Goh from picking up ST at the party as I did with him on this photo. Last he tried he broke his eyebrow and you can check out the scar this saturday.

Cheers and see you at the party. BE THERE!

2005 faggots party at KY


It’s that time of year again, it’s march. In this month, there is no public holiday, we’ve got horrid weather, and there isn’t a single naked chicks sun tanning outdoor. However, all is not lost, we have a triple birthady bash party coming up.


Q: Who is it for?
A: Proximite birthdays for Goh, ST, and Faggot. Also for the party people.

Q: Where?
A: Me house at 8, Lorong ss3/59B (check the map below)

Q: When?
A: Saturday 19th March 2005, starting at around 8:30pm

Q: Do I need to pay?
A: No, finger food and reasonable amount of drinks/alcohol will be provided, if you are a hardcore drunk, maybe you’d want to bring some alcohol

Q: Am I invited?
A: Any and all hot chicks are invited. additionally, everyone who was here at the previous 2 parties or knows at least 2 of the 3 birthday boys are invited. Heck, you know you’re invited if you check your phone.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Sexy will be good if you’re a hot chick, otherwise party/funny cloths.

Q: What will we be doing?
A: Drink, dance, eat, party, and pretend to celebrate their birthdays as if we really care. Orgy not suggested, rainbow party not guranteed.

Q: Is it going to be fun?
A: We had a xmas party o nthe eve of xmas 2004, ST has the pictures posted here. Make your own judgement.

Q: Who will be there?
A: Fun and cool people like me, faggot, ST, Goh, Suanie, Kerol, Huey Fang, Chan, Kim, FA (she can dance! Zoukfest post says it all), and many more.

Q: I’m so excited, what should I do?

map to KY at ss3


Sepet film

Went to watch Sepet at Pyramid with a group of friends including Faggot, Galvin, Dree, Radiance, Elaine, and Jason. The sound system at the theater sucks, I still favor Summit’s theaters.

If I were to pick a single movie to exercise my linguistic ability, it’ll have to be Sepet. All the 5 langauges in my arsenal were delivered in the movie, for this alone makes the movie truely Malaysian. Btw, they are English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hokkien.

The flick showed a microcosm of our culture, the issues of racial divide/inequalities, friendship, love, and even a hint of sex.

Enough of the boring “review” I attempted, now lets check out the highlights:

  • The chick is hot, you wish you are the hair brush when she stick it in between her chest and her sarong
  • Censoring board assumes that we do not know about the real world.
  • Pak Atan spelled out MILF while playing scrabble with his wife, the girl’s mom. (censoring board missed this one)
  • Keong can’t act worth of shit
  • They shouda filtered out the sound of the lorry carrying the camera when filming Jason riding his bike
  • The chick is hot, and her father knows the word MILF

Mak Enom – “Orked got the scholarship even though she had only 5As”
Kak Yam – “Jason got 7As … (censored)
Substitute “censored” with “and yet he did not get a scholarship”. The board apparently decided that Malaysian can’t handle the truth.

There were a few other scenes that were censored. A lenghty discussion about racial stereotypes was cut short, and the scene of Pak Atan dropping his sarong to reveal his old school underwear. While I do not condone censorship, the latter act by the censoring board was somewhat of a blessing as it reminds me of Masud.

The ending, in my opinion, was somewhat of a dissapointment in the attempt to make the movie more artistic, symbolic, or perhaps both. As you know, I am a simple man, and I demand simple things, a steamy ending would have been preferred.

Anyhow, this is a good movie. I would definately check out the version as intended by the director when it is available.

KY-o-meter gives it a 7/10, and would probably bump up a point if not for the censorship.

ST has already posted a review of the rave party,so I am going to give you a slightly different perspective of the experience here.

First, let me attempt to list down the people I have met up there.

Initial Group – ST, FA, Faggot, Suan, Kerol, Jamie, Duncan, Audrey, Kim, Huey Fang, ah Chan
Other Groups – Goh, Saint, Henry, Joanne, Mandy, Margie, Jessica, Eugene
Random meets – Sheryl, Pam, Daniel, Vanessa, Wussy, and at least another half a dozen foosers

As the original parking lucker, we found a nice spot on the top floor of P4 parking area in less than a couple minutes, I pity people like Chan, Suan, and ST who had to maneuvour down the multi-level parking complex and wasting countless minutes they could have spent checking out hotties and bapoks alike.

Since I am in no position to try any journalism feat documenting the event, let me just give you some random highlights:

  • FA danced awesome, as usual. Best described as a baboon on chilli padi
  • Faggot had diarrhea (twice!), so we had to leave early just as the music gets awesome
  • 7 slackers (all spotted left of my head on the pic) had to get the tickets the same day, had fun squeezing at the ticket counter
  • Kerol and Suan did not lose any weight despite being squeezed at ticket counter. Btw Suan had some cold fried noodle at the rave itself.
  • Kerol and Huey Fang wore the same jacket (RM 265!), if they are so rich, maybe they can pay me higher rentals, emmm…
  • Baboon on chilli padi dances like FA

Anyway, here is a picture I ripped off ST’s website, and I’ll give you a who’s who

Suanie, in pink on top left, attempted to doggy me, while ST the gwai lou, in white working shirt, tried to have me go down on him. Duncan is next to Suanie, holding a beer. Next to ST is Audrey, and the Faggot with his “I am cool” look. On my right is Jamie, and next to her is Kerol (too much blue-eye makeup crap). You can find ah Chan on the far left with his messed up hairdo, and Huey Fang next to him. The baboon girl in red holding a camera is FA. Goh, imitating a post-oprative cataract patient with sunglasses, is at the bottom right.


p/s: Next party would be on the 19th at ss3, check this space for more details soon.