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FA’s Dance Move

March 25, 2005 2 Comments

I am sure you have all heard about how FA dances, but a picture speaks a thousand words, so here goes. ENJOY!

Fireangel dancing moves - KY animation

p/s: you are still the pwn, FA.

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  1. […] Bring yourself, and if you feel like chipping in a little, bring some finger food to share, and perhaps some alcohol if you want to see the likes of FA and Kim gets drunk and act silly. Do note that FA can and will start dancing when intoxicated. You’ll never know how ST, suanie, cass, and Goh act when high either. […]

  2. Fireangel » Blog Archive » The Loft, The Loft, The Loft Is On Fire!

    […] Though we didn’t drink as much as we hoped we would, it was still a great night out. There was GREAt music and there was PLENTY dancing. And I was happier than a phython after swallowing a whole adult buffalo for sure. YEAY! Happy happy HAPPY! Can you NOT tell that I’m STILL happy? Thanks Suan! […]

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