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Sepet film

Went to watch Sepet at Pyramid with a group of friends including Faggot, Galvin, Dree, Radiance, Elaine, and Jason. The sound system at the theater sucks, I still favor Summit’s theaters.

If I were to pick a single movie to exercise my linguistic ability, it’ll have to be Sepet. All the 5 langauges in my arsenal were delivered in the movie, for this alone makes the movie truely Malaysian. Btw, they are English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hokkien.

The flick showed a microcosm of our culture, the issues of racial divide/inequalities, friendship, love, and even a hint of sex.

Enough of the boring “review” I attempted, now lets check out the highlights:

  • The chick is hot, you wish you are the hair brush when she stick it in between her chest and her sarong
  • Censoring board assumes that we do not know about the real world.
  • Pak Atan spelled out MILF while playing scrabble with his wife, the girl’s mom. (censoring board missed this one)
  • Keong can’t act worth of shit
  • They shouda filtered out the sound of the lorry carrying the camera when filming Jason riding his bike
  • The chick is hot, and her father knows the word MILF

Mak Enom – “Orked got the scholarship even though she had only 5As”
Kak Yam – “Jason got 7As … (censored)
Substitute “censored” with “and yet he did not get a scholarship”. The board apparently decided that Malaysian can’t handle the truth.

There were a few other scenes that were censored. A lenghty discussion about racial stereotypes was cut short, and the scene of Pak Atan dropping his sarong to reveal his old school underwear. While I do not condone censorship, the latter act by the censoring board was somewhat of a blessing as it reminds me of Masud.

The ending, in my opinion, was somewhat of a dissapointment in the attempt to make the movie more artistic, symbolic, or perhaps both. As you know, I am a simple man, and I demand simple things, a steamy ending would have been preferred.

Anyhow, this is a good movie. I would definately check out the version as intended by the director when it is available.

KY-o-meter gives it a 7/10, and would probably bump up a point if not for the censorship.

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