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Recently I paid my third visit to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) for the 3rd time, as the destination is not exactly a hot tourist spot, I decided to introduce the place to you.The skinny:

  • Vietnam is the 13th largest nation in the world with some 83 million people
  • HCMC is the largest city in Vietnam
  • Way too many motorcycles
  • Traffic is at a constant state of controlled chaos
  • Chicks are cute
  • Food is excellent
  • People are friendly
  • Things are generally cheap

Currency is Vietnamese Dong but USD is often preffered. US$1 is currently about at 15800 Dong.

The following photos will give you a better sense of what HCMC has to offer.

The traffic is generally very chaotic to foreigner, honking sound can be heard every 5 seconds. However, it seemed relatively safe at the lower speed of flow and people aren’t so full of rage like them road bullies you find in Malaysia.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
lotsa motorcycles, and helmet is an option, not a must

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
Viet chicks on bike, you see that alot

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
more bikes, with valet service too

Being in South East Asia, the flavor of food does not vary too much from Malaysia or Thailand, and best described as a mixture of both with a hint of Chinese. There are very few fastfood restaurants around, and their beef noodles (Pho).. yumm.. ooooo yummm..

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
pho, comes with basil, bean sproud, and jalopeno pepper on the side, excellent

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
kerang bakar (grilled clam) is served here too

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
steamboat fish in slightly spicey soup base, plenty of vege on the side

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
mixed rice buffet style, similar dishes to Malaysian food

Cool Restaurants:
Despite being a relatively poor country, there still plenty of people with decent spending power, hence, fancy eat-outs. These places, however, are relatively cheap compared to Malaysian restaurants. For example, a decent meal for 4 fetches US$20

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
one of the cafes, better decorated than Starbucks, which they don’t have btw

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
another restaurant with nice rain forest theme

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
my favorite pho shop, a meal costs less than US$2

War History Museum:
The war history museum is a must-go place to get the perspective of Vietnamese side on the war that killed so many.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
plenty of photos taken during the war

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
recreation of POW cells, and how Faggot will look like if he’s ever incacerated

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
more war remnants

What is a city without places to shop? They’ll just instantly lose 50% of visitors. You know which gender I’m talking about anyway. HCMC has all that covered, there are plenty of places selling everything from handbags to wooden decorative boats.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
pottery and more

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam KY travels
scaled wooden boats, these are from less than US$10 and up

MAS has 2 daily flights to HCMC. If you plan to go to Bangkok for the 2nd time or more, I suggest you might want to give HCMC a try.

Suanie had written a blog entry about our crab dining experience and especially singled out Kerol the Sotong with a few pictures of hers you can find here

I, however, think that the little animation below would show you more vividly how she enjoys her food. This is also due to the popular demand for an encore after FA’s dance move animation.

kerol crab eating moves

p/s: comment’s a bit screwed up on this post for whatever reasons, once u click “publish”, you’ll see the other comments tho. have fun!

FA’s Dance Move

March 25, 2005 2 Comments

I am sure you have all heard about how FA dances, but a picture speaks a thousand words, so here goes. ENJOY!

Fireangel dancing moves - KY animation

p/s: you are still the pwn, FA.

Romantic comedy starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James from Kings of Queens, and Amber Valletta.

Now, many movie reviews will have a run down on the plot, well, you are not going to find it here. I’ll give you a slightly different perspective, as usual.

The chicks:
Eva Mendes the hot hispanic never fail to look sexy, with her busty figure and sumptous lips. Too bad she did not get naked.
Amber Valletta was elegant and attractive. Too little screen time tho, but her dancing rocks, just slightly less cool than FA’s

The dudes:
Will Smith has gone back to his fresh prince way. While funny, it gets old after a while.
Kevin James delivered, the dude from the popular TV series “the King of Queens” stole the show with his .. er.. dancing.

The plot:
Usual romantic comedy chick flick type. Fall in love, fall out of love due to some misunderstandings, fall in love again, happy ending. Of course, with some comedy threw in.
What I got from the movie was a little bit different from the anticipation off the preview, but it wasn’t really better, or worse.

The recommendation:
If you want to watch a romantic comedy, try “How to lose a guy in 10 days“. The chemistry is there, and Kate Hudson would just make any guy fall in love with her.

I’ll give this show a 5.5/10. Watched it since I missed my flight and had nothing to do for a night. Judging from the lack of reviews from the gang (ST, Kim, Faggot, Galvin, Radiance, Kerol), I guess Hitch wasn’t such a HIT.

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I think they misspelled NO RELIGION. That’s pretty much where I stand. Then again, the cute little telitubbie like icon is just cute.

Will post something about Vietnam once I feel like it.

Thanks again for everyone who came to the party, these people wrote something about the party too: ST, Kim, FA, Goh, Joanne, H2S, Chan, jacko, and thaiboxingirl