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Here’s a little snippet from #malaysia channel at dalnet between Faggot, with the nick of BeetchSlapMe, and Hateher, with the nick [Arwen]. By the way, doubtless would be me.

Hint: they don’t like each other very much.

[22:51] [BeetchSlapMe] u need a bitch slap [Arwen]
[22:51] [@Suresh] [Arwen], i’m not so analytical
[22:51] [+[Arwen]] i slap son of bitches only
[22:51] [BeetchSlapMe] u dare to slap?
[22:51] [BeetchSlapMe] u dont even dare to say a simple hello
[22:51] [RavingRaven|] Arwen…do u slap balls of bastards?
[22:51] [BeetchSlapMe] somemore wanna slap people?
[22:52] [BeetchSlapMe] suck my balls la cibais
[22:52] [BeetchSlapMe] certain people only dare to talk cock in irc
[22:53] [+[Arwen]] too coward to use his own nick
[22:53] [+[Arwen]] ego and cowardice
[22:53] [BeetchSlapMe] talking about ego?
[22:53] [BeetchSlapMe] BS
[22:53] [BeetchSlapMe] GFY
[22:54] [@beccs] OoOo so fiesty
[22:54] [BeetchSlapMe] take the fucking terung and stuffs it in your fucking brown kebab
[22:54] [@doubtless] LOL
[22:54] [@Suresh] brown KEBAB?
[22:54] [+[Arwen]] Damien, i look at the stars, the stars are beautiful, then i turn to look at you, i’d rather look at the stars again
[22:54] [+[Arwen]] now u know why i never chat with u
[22:55] [BeetchSlapMe] u think i wanna chat with u?
[22:55] [+[Arwen]] unless u can turn in ur grave
[22:55] [BeetchSlapMe] ill kiss my fucking dragon cock man
[22:55] [BeetchSlapMe] ewww
[22:55] [@doubtless] lol.
[22:55] [BeetchSlapMe] if i were to chat with u
[22:55] [@doubtless] 2 sorhais chatting with each other about why don’t don’t chat with each other.
[22:55] [+[Arwen]] wow someonee just called his cock DRAGON
[22:55] [@doubtless] IRC is incredible
[22:55] [+[Arwen]] PTUI!
[22:55] [@kaikon] hahahaa
[22:55] [@kaikon] cibai
[22:55] [BeetchSlapMe] haha
[22:55] [sexwithsis] haha
[22:56] [+[Arwen]] ky .|.


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